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We at Opopol Analytics Pvt Ltd developed an ERP Election Software. This Election Management Software is a secure cloud base with mobile app built in latest technology. This Software enables to manage election at multi levels like: Booth Level, Village Level, Zone Level and whole Constituency.

Salient features of software:
  • Voter Data Management
  • Personal Assistance
  • Create In charge
  • Duty Management
  • Voter Data Management
  • Voter Data Management
  • Voter Data Management
  • Voter Data Management
  • Voter Data Management
  • Voter Data Management
Voter’s Information

Election Software helps to track voter constituency wise with information such as name, father name, house no, serial number, age, voter ID number etc. This software manages things up to booth level.

If information of voters from a specific booth is needed then, this software can get easily and comparatively faster than any other mode. Additional information such as caste, occupation, qualification, references, mobile number can be tracked through this software. This software enables you to generate reports like House wise report, Approachable Person report, Head of Family report and voter’s Preference.

Voter Report

Election software is having a feature of segregating voter form other because sometimes election campaigning require announcement in a specific area on basis of factors such as:-

  • Age Basis (Youths, Senior citizen)
  • Gender Basis (Schemes for Females)
  • Caste Basis
  • Religion Basis
  • Qualification Basis
  • Occupation

Search Voter

Search a specific voter on basis of name, father’s name or voter ID at booth, village, block, zone, assembly constituency level update Voter’s details and marking for specific feature.

Executive/ Agent/ Human Resource Management

Election software enables us to manage people properly at booth level. Some time at management level, we do not have information like who is active person at which level, such as who is booth agent at xyz village.

We can get list of member who are working actively in election campaigning, people with specific role as party office executive, surveyor, volunteers, booth agents, village level in-charge, block level in-charge can be managed easily. Mapping of villages in block and Zone for proper management of resources.

Mobile App

Candidate Mobile App- Through this mobile app, candidate can interact directly to its Voters and voters can get information about programs, news, profile, social media, interview, opinion result, share profile, join team and can give suggestions directly to the candidate.

  • Candidate Role
    • Post Event
    • Post News
    • Post Interview
    • Broadcast Message
    • Chat with Agents
    • Live Polling(%)Update on Polling Day
    • Details of Executive/Human Resources
  • Technical Co-Ordinator
    • Register Volunteers Agent
    • Live Polling (%) Update on Polling Day
    • Details of Executive/Human Resources
    • Social Media Boost
    • Ground Report
    • Request for Material
  • Village Role
    • Live Polling(%)Update on Polling Day
    • Register Booth Agent
    • Social Media Boost
    • Ground Report
    • Request for Material
  • Booth Agent Role
    • Voter List of Booth
    • Update Voter Info
    • Update Poll Status
    • Head of Family Mapping
    • Approachable Mapping
    • Register Volunteers Agent
    • Social Media Boost
    • Ground Report
    • Live Polling(%)Update on Polling Day
    • Request for Material
    • Voter-List with( Mobile Number)
    • Chat with Candidate
  • Volunteer Role
    • Live Polling(%)Update on Polling Day
    • Surveyor Role(with Live image and Audio Recording)
    • Voter Update
    • Social Media Boost
    • Ground Report
    • Request for Material
  • Executive Role
    • Missed-Call Number and Call Back update
    • Social Media Boost
    • Additional Services

Other Services

Ground Zero

  • Survey
  • Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Data Collection
  • Election Campaign
  • Ground Zero Working

Research & Analysis

  • Past Election
  • Public Issues
  • Mindset of voters
  • Public Interation
  • Opposition Performance
  • Voter's Social & Political View

PR & Advertising

  • Public Relation
  • Political Events
  • Advertising
  • Call Centre
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile/Digital Marketing

ERP Software & Mobile App

  • Voter Management
  • Voter's Information
  • Voter Report
  • Search/Mark Voter
  • Polling Day
  • Manage Roles