Ground Zero

  • Survey
  • Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Data Collection
  • Election Campaign
  • Ground Zero Working

Research & Analysis

  • Past Election
  • Public Issues
  • Mindset of voters
  • Public Interation
  • Opposition Performance
  • Voter's Social & Political View

PR & Advertising

  • Public Relation
  • Political Events
  • Advertising
  • Call Centre
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile/Digital Marketing

ERP Software & Mobile App

  • Voter Management
  • Voter's Information
  • Voter Report
  • Search/Mark Voter
  • Polling Day
  • Manage Roles

About Election

Every Election Depends upon active voters in a constituency. Sometimes candidate's core voter's less turnout proves to be major problem in elections due to bad management of voters. Candidate's represebtatives can avoid this problem by proper planning and management that enables representatives to track current situation in constituency. The history of Indian politics proves that if voter's choice, interest and concern is considered in political campaigning the it yield positive results. With some of our Digital services, you can manage your voters and volunteers very well.

Why We

In election, we will work for a stress free environment, better management, lower cost and approx. 70% paperless work for candidates. Through our mobile app, you will collect every information at any place with a single click. Through our services, we will create a positive image of the candidate and create good relations with voters, booth agents and famous peoples. We start our work from ground zero because it will show who is supporting, who is in dilemma and who is against us. We deeply analyse the people's reactions and communicate with them by using appropriate techniques, so we collect their opinion in real time and resolve all confusion and problems between candidate and voters.

It would be our honour and pleasure to work with your prestigious party in managing election campaigns for upcoming assembly elections 2022 in Punjab to maximize voter reach. Given a change, we can prove our value for your prestigious party by producing and delivering a specific election campaign strategy and plan aiming to reach the right voters and improve vote share in the candidate's favor.

Our Team

Our core team members are well known and experienced in their respective fields. We have sr. Strategists, Campaign managers, election management experts, IT experts, voter outreach experts, survey and opinion poll experts, event managers, rural engagement managers, social media experts, online reputation managers, creative managers, overall strategists and others to make your election campaigns successful.

Election Campaign

Election campaign is not easy because there is no runner-up, you can either win the election or lose. It depends on the election promotion strategies you are using. You know that political campaigns must be reach out to every voter to win election. Nowadays people get news, entertainment and many other type of message mainly through mobile only.

Therefore, campaigns can reach every voter through digital medium. We can reach more voters within a limited time frame through digital medium because it's effective and efficient. Digital Medium is used to spread the campaign effectively. It has gained immense popularity in the field of promotions in elections.

After Independence, the candidate was decided in public, so the candidate did not have to go to every voter, but now the time has changed. Now every voter wants to get the candidate in front of him. Only good strategies and better management can win today's election.